Rating Criteria


How does the chicken sandwich look? Does the sandwich match the ads in visual presentation?

Numeric 0-10


Is the chicken cutlet nice and juicy? How is the mouth-feel of the chicken?

Numeric 0-10


How does the seasoning of the chicken taste? Are there a good mix of spices that give good flavor to the sandwich?

Numeric 0-10


How does the sauce taste? Does it balance well with the sandwich? Is it a unique flavor?

Numeric 0-10


Is the chicken breast breaded well with a nice satisfying crunch (sometimes referred to as crisp)?

Numeric 0-10

Pickled Things

Does the sandwich have pickled things and how do those pickled things taste?

Numeric 0-3


Does this sandwich do something out of the ordinary and does it work to the favor of the overall sandwich? Note: sandwiches can do things here that overall takes away from the chicken sandwich and receive negative points.

Numeric (-5) - 5

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