Notable Sandwiches

Dave’s Hot Chicken - Los Angeles, CA

Some of my best friends – Rex and Emily – took me to Dave’s Hot Chicken in Los Angeles. I was skeptical when they said it was the best sandwich they had had. This sando really packed a punch with the perfect blend of heat, spices and sauce. The kale slaw provided a cool contrast to the hot patty and added to the already excellent crunch of this sandwich. This sandwich was truly incredible.

Score: 8.9

Square 5 Public House - Blacksburg, VA

This chicken sandwich was practically perfect. It was served hot, open and incredibly crispy. The honey mustard was a perfect compliment to the to the salty and spicy seasoning of the cutlet. This sandwich succeeded in providing the elusive “center crunch,” that so many other sandwiches fail to deliver.

Score: 9.0

El Ranchero - Blacksburg, VA

I was convinced to order a chicken sandwich from “El Ranchero” in blacksburg. Honestly, this is the worst piece of food I have ever eaten. I couldn’t tell if the patty had sat in the freezer for more than a year or if it had sat in the frier for the same amount of time. The patty literally stopped my front two teeth as I tried to bite it. I had to masticate quite vigorously to break this patty and as I did it turned into the equivalent of chicken sawdust in my mouth. The only saving grace of this sandwich was the “white sauce” which although too sweet for my tastebuds was a welcome respite from the absolute piece of trash that was this sandwich.

Score: 1.8

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